Hellooooo Science Family,

Have you ever wanted to walk on water? Can you imagine if you could run to the other side of the lake, or take a leisurely stroll down the middle of the river.

Today we’re exploring the world of water walkers and surface tension as we build our own water walkers. Maybe you can figure out a way to engineer a water walking setup for yourself!

Can’t wait to see you skipping down the waves,

Dr Erica and Evan

Parent Takeaway – Encourage multiple iterations and designs. The more they make, the more opportunity they’ll have to see what works best, and gain a real intuitive grasp of how surface tension works.

Thursday: Water Walkers (Physics/Engineering)

Activity: Discover the power of surface tension

Build a wire bug model to discover how some bugs can manage to walk on water.


  • Floral wire or the wire twist ties
  • Bowl of water
  • Items to test surface tension changes (soap, oil, vinegar, food dyes, etc)
  • Observation printout

Tomorrow – LED Bugs

We’ll be mass producing little circuit bugs