Kids Optics Lab In School!

Wow! I am so incredibly excited that we will be starting up an edible kids optics lab at Blakely Elementary tomorrow doing some seriously fun hands on science!

We’ve been working on this kids optics lab for a long time, and it is so rewarding to see it come to fruition! The edible optics unit has turned into a mystery trilogy called the Asteroid of Doom.

Students will initially use plastic optics to learn how lenses bend light, and  save the world from an asteroid heading straight towards us, threatening to take out all of humanity. Our first kids optics lab challenges them to steer light and save the world.

But wait! The laser scientists developed is melting the plastic. They will need to use a water based lens!

That’s where our very tasty and fun kids optics lab comes in.

Students will learn geometry, light, optics and more as they cut their own lenses out of gelatin! Then they will have the chance to solve new problems as they save the world once and for all. Of course, we will still need to build a telescope and watch the night sky for debris!

This is a perfect trilogy of stories for homeschooling parents to teach optics to their kids. Now, with our new NGSS lesson plans, we are making our way into the public schools! We’re running this tomorrow in kindergarten, and in May we will be doing it with second graders as well!

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