Learn Science by Doing Science

That phrase is big in our house. I’m not sure there is much in this world that you can learn without doing. I mean truly learn. Sure you can memorize facts in a book, or read your way through problems, but to really learn something? To learn it so that you remember it for a lifetime, not just for a test? For that kind of learning, you need to be doing something – whether that is labs, real-life geometry, or crafting. One of my favorite ways we have thought up to teach science is our science bracelet kits. These are the perfect holiday present for those nerdy friends who are science enthusiasts or the kids in your life enamored with science. Our bracelet kits do more than just make something beautiful. They do more than carving out quality time. They teach.

That’s right. Our science bracelet kits teach science (what?!?). You can learn the process of the water cycle (and what makes the ocean salty), how butterflies are made, and my personal favorite: you can learn the solar system.┬áThe kits are stocked with everything you need to make a fantastic piece of art – beads, clasps, line, crimps, and of course, instructions. Our instructions aren’t just a “do this, then that” type of instruction. We give a nice overview of the role each special bead plays in a process, which allows you to learn and share new knowledge, as you create the bracelets. Learning by doing. That is something we can get behind.

solar system bracelet on girls hand