How to make a paper box for Valentine’s day

Have you ever wondered how to make a paper box?

Let’s learn how to make a paper box together, and then you can use your engineering skills to change that plain paper box into a heart-shaped paper box for Valentine’s day!

I love DIY paper boxes for a few reasons, but mainly because there are so many ways to make your own paper box. In this tutorial on how to make a paper box, you should keep an open mind. Maybe you have a better method for making a paper box.

You can make your own paper box by just folding paper, using a template, using scissors and tape, or even using multiple sheets of paper.

So there are a lot of ways to learn how to make a paper box – I just want to be clear on that. When it comes to engineering and design, the first step is to think creatively and outside the box. I think it is crazy that you can make an origami paper box that looks like a real box without cutting or taping the paper.

I also recognize that it is pretty cool to try and make your own paper box, especially one that has an unusual shape like a heart.

I’ll make two different paper boxes for you to see what I mean. Choose the method that works best for you. To add Valentine’s day spin I challenge you to take the skills and ideas you see here and modify them to make a paper heart box. This engineering challenge might sound easier than it is, especially if you really challenge yourself and try to do this with no adult help!

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To make your paper box you will need:

Paper (shocking)Scissors (depending on your method)Tape (depending on your method)

First, let’s look at some methods on how to make a paper box that only uses paper.

Below are videos of two types of Origami paper boxes. I love Origami in general because it helps you see how various types of folds can turn a two-dimensional object into a three-dimensional object. Origami helps challenge our brains to see spatial relationships, which helps our brains think logically!

How to make a paper box that opens and closes

How to make a paper box with lid and base

How to make a paper box with scissors and tape (great for younger hands)

1.  Cut out two large squares from a piece of paper2. Cut out square corners on each piece of paper. This will allow the sides of the box to fold up without needing any folds.3. Fold the sides up and tape them in place.

Now that you’ve seen how to make a paper box, can you make a heart-shaped box?

A homemade paper gift box is a nice touch for any gift-giving event. We can, however, spruce up this paper gift box for Valentine’s day by making Valentine boxes! What shape do you think we should use?!? Haha!

Valentine’s hearts are the perfect shape for a paper gift box filled with even more hearts made of candy!

You just learned how to make a paper box, can you think of ways to modify that plain paper box to make a heart-shaped box?

What shapes will you need to make Valentine boxes? Can you make Valentine boxes with just folded paper, or will you use scissors and tape to make your heart shaped box?

Watch how to make an origami heart box!

This is a fun little envelope type box where the square box top was then folded into a heart shape!

Want to learn how to make an even more intricate heart-shaped origami box?

This one is much trickier, but shows you that you can even make more fluid shapes in origami folding!

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