How to Make a Mummy

Mummification of a …..
We will start a long term Biology and Chemistry project that looks at how the process of osmosis can preserve things big and small.

For this project you will need:

  • Salt
  • Baking soda
  • A wet food item to mummify (a chicken leg, a banana, a tomato, etc. DO NOT choose a hot dog or a processed food. These have too much salt already to see the process of osmosis!)
  • A ziplock bag for your mummy*
  • The mummy mystery printout (we won’t be doing all of the pieces of this, but it will be a great place to record long term data!)
  • A kitchen scale for recording weight, or something to record physical measurements if you want to track this data over time.
  • Extra project: See osmosis quickly with two gummy bears/worms, two bowls, salt, and water
  • Extra project: See where osmosis pulls the water from in a dice and penny game
  • Note: the download will have a TON of extra activities and parent guides. I will not have this for every project, but for anything I have created in the past I will give you access!