Homemade Telescope: Defeated Asteroids

Our homemade telescope lab is finished!!!!

I’m so excited at how well our homemade telescope turned out for this lab! We used cheap google VR lenses as our long focal length lens, and found some LED flashlight lenses as our short lens – then you just need some cardboard tubes, decorations and it’s time for fun!

We ran our homemade telescope lesson with our local library and had lots of kids squealing in delight at they steered lasers, looked through marbles and pondered why the images they saw were flipped upside down and right to left. They also had a ball decorating their homemade telescope, letting each child learn science and spend time in their comfort zones.

Our final Asteroid of Doom lab has a ton of astronomical add ons like finding Pluto, constellation cookies, 3D constellations and more! Our aim is always to make kids science projects rich and engaging. Who wouldn’t want to study constellations as they make constellation cookies? How can you not learn something as you investigate how to find planets and use blink comparators.

homemade telescope with kids

With thought and design, kids science curriculum can feel like playing!

And no need to fret if you don’t know the science! We’ve got parent teacher guides and videos to go with it! We try to make science fun for kids AND parents. We know that if you aren’t having fun sitting down at the kitchen table engaging with them, then they won’t have fun either.

What are you waiting for? Download our awesome final piece to our Asteroid of Doom trilogy. Break out the art supplies, source a few lenses and have a blast decorating your own working homemade telescope with your kids tonight!
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