Treasure Hunt with Vermin Vectors

What better way to learn physics and vectors than to partake in a little treasure hunt!

With our vector vermin, adding vectors head to tail couldn’t be more fun as they march along your page – but make sure you don’t run into the Kraken or hit your broadsides on the Island of Death during your search!

Kids science vectors treasure hunt

Our treasure hunt and vermin vectors are the perfect compliment to our upcoming lab Rosie Research and the Pirate’s Treasure.

While the lab teaches kids all about engineering, design, boat making, buoyancy and density, this add on activity teaches another vital pirate tool: navigating. That’s because we aim for our kids science kits and fun science projects to be cohesive units that teach multiple skills.

Kids read through a list of instructions as they plot their way through the dangerous seas in high hopes of a massive cache of loot at the end!

Parents can spice up this part of their kids science curriculum with candy gold loot at the end, or making their own treasure hunt with vectors around the house leading to a real treasure chest!

kids map skills in science

I know that planning your kids science curriculum can be hard.

It is even more difficult to find a home school science curriculum that is rich in both depth and knowledge. What’s even more difficult than that? Finding ways to have fun with your kids while doing science.

That’s what I have been working on for the last year – making kids science activities fun and accessible. This treasure hunt is just one example of many where kids get a deeper knowledge of complex science while playing and solving mysteries.

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