Helping parents with science

We know that parent’s attitudes towards science are directly linked to kid’s attitudes towards science. That’s why we are helping parents with science.

We just added a new download for each lab to help parents relate the science to real life. For example, did you know the color of hydrangeas is dependent on the acidity of the soil? When the soil is acidic they turn blue, when it’s basic they turn pink!
It’s the perfect way to link our purple cabbage lab to what you observe around you walking to the park! Wondering how acids and bases play a role in our bodies? Or how they play a role in our lives? Or maybe you just want the big key takeaway spelled out for you! The new In Real Life download does all of that! It even covers a few safety precautions to think about!
Helping parents with science will only help kids in science, and we hope that this new download does just that! Having fun with your kids and learning science has never been more engaging or easy! Check out our lab books, videos and downloads for our free Color Changing Juice mystery, then become a patron to never miss out on the next big thing Rosie solves!