West Sound STEM Fun!

We were at the West Sound STEM showcase last week having a TON of STEM fun!!

We brought our Time Travelers lab for kids to partake in and it was great to see the great animals they came up with for our particle zoo as well as the marble paintings they made.

What I love so much about bringing Rosie Research to the world is seeing kids engage so much and have STEM fun firsthand!

I ran into our STEM teacher yesterday at the supermarket and told her all about this project and how I was tying it into my daughter’s kindergarten class to talk about forces and observations. Later that night I got an email from her asking about the project since she wants to do it with all the KG classes at the school! I am going to take out the particle zoo aspect since the jump from forces and observations to particle animals might be too much for kindergartners, but I am just so excited about this!

I hope that the feedback and seeing it in practice helps work out kinks in the time travelers lab that might not work as well as they do in my head. I think the best way to make sure science and STEM fun remains exciting is to troubleshoot everything! This is something my fabulous husband, Evan, does for me since he doesn’t have a scientific background and can really bring me back to Earth on some of our kids science labs.

Just looking at the lab book I put together for this last weekend makes me realize how much work there still is to do on this one! Not to mention the work to pull together the third part of our Asteroid of Doom trilogy (the first two parts just got released!), and the Pirates Plunder ship making lab which I am elated about working on!

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