Mummy Science! Osmosis, Carbon Dating and More!

I can’t believe how easy it was to mummify our chicken!

We bought a small Cornish hen from the frozen section of our grocery store and were able to mummify it in less than a month (It started out at just under 2lbs)!
We changed the Natron (a mix of salt and baking soda) four times, and each time I was really surprised at how the chicken didn’t smell too bad – to be honest, it reminded me of LB broth used to grow bacteria in the lab. Two ziplock bags was perfect to keep it unnoticeable!
Each time we weighted our chicken and changed the Natron both the girls adored in holding the chicken mummy, feeling it’s weight and otherwise ooo-ing and aaahhhh-ing over it.

Last week our chicken mummy didn’t lose any more water weight, which meant it was time to start the rituals!!!! The girls tried their hand at wrapping, then lots of lavender and lemon oils, and finally a coat of paint! Can’t wait to break out the glue gun later and let them attach some gems!

Mummy Mystery Chicken Mummification Experiment Extra Activities

  • Checking out osmosis with shell-less eggs (which your kids will love to handle)
  • Seeing fast acting osmosis with a gummy bear experiment
  • Hieroglyphic code, so kids can write their names or messages like the Egyptians
  • A ‘Missing Smell” mystery to learn why your chicken doesn’t smell as bad as you think you will (hint: Osmosis drying water kills your bacteria)
  • A mummy mask for younger kids to cut out and decorate
  • Mummy cupcake treats (because everyone loves a tasty cooking activity)
  • The creation of a mass spectrometer as a carbon dating activity for kids
  • and more!