Flat Rosie Science Experiments

Print, color, cut and send your Rosie science experiments happening near you!
Print, color, cut and send your Flat Rosie to science experiments happening near you!

See the world’s science experiments

Science experiments take place all around us. Often we don’t even notice since it is done behind closed doors. Everything we use, from computers to growing crops, is a direct result of science. Have you ever wondered what sorts of interesting science experiments are going on at your local University? Now is your chance to learn a little bit more about them. Decide what type of lab you want Rosie to visit. Biology? Physics? Chemistry? Geology? She loves them all. Ask your mom or dad to look up labs at your local university and choose one that sounds interesting.

Print out Flat Rosie and color her in. Then write a short letter to the lab asking if Flat Rosie can visit.  Flat Rosie follows safe lab procedures, which is why she wears close-toed shoes. She also has her hair pulled back and lacks jewelry. That is just the lowest standard of lab safety though. Don’t forget to think about what kind of personal protective equipment Rosie would need for her science experiments. If she is working in a Biology lab she will likely need her lab coat and some gloves. If she is going to a laser lab, include her shaded laser goggles to protect her eyes. Flat Rosie even has a sharp pencil for theoretical labs she might stop by. And yes, theorists are researchers running science experiments too!

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