Star Destroyer Paper Circuit




We’re creating a Star Destroyer as our vehicle of learning paper circuits and it will be able to fire lasers and thrusters with the press of your finger.

Supplies for today’s Star Destroyer Paper Circuit:

Printouts – this product
CR2032 battery
Copper tape
Creative mindset
Paper circuit supplies on Amazon-

Instructions for Paper Circuits

1. Cut out the drawing and crease fold along the dotted lines
2. Place copper tape along the marked lines
3. Tape LEDs in where marked on the paper circuit diagram
4. Tape the battery, plus side up, where indicated
5. Fold the flap into place and test the circuit
6. Fold and tape the entire paper circuit up

Troubleshooting Tips

If you LED doesn’t light up check:
– That your battery is good
– That your LED is good
– That your LED legs are in the right direction
– That your copper tape lines have no rips
– That your battery is hitting the copper tape solidly on both sides


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