Paper Circuits

Paper circuits are one of the most amazing tools you can use to teach kids how to program.

Because paper circuits have the flexibility of paper, your child can create, draw and cut out whatever they can imagine. Then with a little ingenuity and persistence and maybe a little guidance from us, you can make yours light up, make sound or move around.

For supplies, we recommend having at least LEDs, Copper Tape, and a CR2032 battery.

You can certainly make it more complex, but these three items will get you 95% of the way to a functioning circuit.

How Circuits Work

Basically, a circuit takes electrons from the positive side of a battery on a ride along the conductive copper tape to the LED where the electrons jump from one side of the LED to the other, which creates light, on their way to reaching the negative side of the battery.

We’ve created a library of paper circuits that are both fun and adorable.

You can use them as inspiration for your own. Or if you want life a little easier, download one of our fully drawn out and tested paper circuits and learn the basics of wiring, LEDs and troubleshooting.

These fun kids activities create so much creativity

If you would like to read some of our walk-throughs, or see how we make our paper circuits, check out this link here.

Don’t forget to share what you create!