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The perfect crafty afternoon activity. Learn about our solar system or life cycles with our hands-on bracelet kits.

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Have fun while learning science! We will prepare you with talking points, instructions, and hints!


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Pirates Treasure Lab

Save Rosie from walking the plank as we learn buoyancy, forces and engineer a pirate ship.

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Learn binary and imaging as we take an image on Mars!

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Every great discovery begins with a story, of a scientist or an accident, and unsolved mystery or perplexing problem, and so each one of our Rosie Labs begins with a story, to engage the imagination and enfold our young scientists in the world of adventure.
STEM Tools
Rosie Research is about giving your children the tools to understand the world through STEM. Just like reading, it takes effort and perseverance to become proficient, but just like reading, when you understand the language the whole world becomes a book to explore, with the magical moment of discovery all around.
The moment of discovery is why science is so amazing, its what keeps us coming back. From discovering cabbage juice can change colors based on its acidity, or that you can make pennies float with carbonated water, our labs are designed to bring children to that magical moment over and over again until they can't stop digging for more.
Kids are natural scientists, but to help them fully explore the mysteries of the world, our Rosie Labs include in-depth and engaging problems to solve, questions to explore and solutions to work through. The labs scale to the investigators skills, with something for everyone.

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“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” ― Carl Sagan

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