Visiting Uranus

Visiting Uranus

Geocache coordinates: 47.6049, -122.5512

True Values
Distance from the Sun:
 1,788,000,000 mi
Diameter: 31,520 mi

Modeled Values
Modeled distance from the Sun: 10,330 feet
Modeled diameter: 2.2 inches

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun and the only planet that rolls like a ball. Uranus' moons are all named after Shakespearean characters, and only one spacecraft has flown by Uranus - the Voyager 2 back in 1986.

In our model, Uranus has been shrunk down to 2 inches in diameter, just about the size of a pool ball. Remember that Earth in our model is a small marble! 

Uranus is a gas giant, although unlike Jupiter and Saturn that are made up primarily of hydrogen and helium, Uranus is made up of various ices like water, ammonia, and methane.