Visiting Jupiter

Visiting Jupiter

Geocache coordinates: 47.6230,-122.5240 | 47°37’30.1N 122°31’44.7W

True Values
Distance from the Sun:
 483,800,000 mi
Diameter: 86,870 mi

Modeled Values
Modeled distance from the Sun: 2,797 feet
Modeled diameter: 6 inches

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet in our Solar system. It also has the shortest day of all our planets, changing dates every 9 hours and 55 minutes. Like all of the gas planets, Jupiter has a ring system, although it is not as pronounced as Saturn’s. Jupiter is the first planet to live outside of the frost line, a place where the cold temperatures allow hydrogen to condense into ice, and is the place where we can find the larger gas planets.

In our model, Jupiter has been shrunk down to six inches in diameter, just about the width of a dollar bill. Remember that Earth in our model is a small marble!

Jupiter is the first gas giant in our Solar system and made up primarily of hydrogen and helium.


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