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We engineer our labs to be fun and engaging – but it isn’t all just glitz and glamour. Underneath the hood we have incorporated a ton of STEM tools to help you teach and learn science right alongside your kids.

Building Interests

We work hard to make our labs creative and unique. We don’t optics through protractors and rulers on worksheets. We use lenses, lasers, Jello (yes, you read that right, Jello) and homemade telescopes to investigate how optics change the direction of light, and use that information to save the world from the Asteroid of Doom. If your child is interested in space, perfect! They will love the asteroids, telescopes, and constellation watching. If you child loves lasers (and really, who doesn’t?), great! Let’s use them to look at how lenses bend light! If you child is interested in optics or catastrophic Earth events? Great! We have so many hooks in each lab that it is a piece of cake to find science that builds on your kids interests.

Talking Up Curiosity

Our labs leave plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get the gears of curiosity cranking. We even have parent teacher guides that give you great question ideas to help your kids talk through the science – what they see, what they are planning to do and why, how things fit together. Learning happens through talking, and we are making those conversations easier.

Hands-On Scientists

Scientists don’t just discover. They model, draw, observe, edit, redesign, test, remodel, communicate and investigate long before they discover. Our labs and add-on activities allow kids to go through the processes that scientists themselves use everyday. By modeling scientists on a regular basis, they naturally turn into scientists prepared to engage in the increasingly STEM focused world around us.

Integrated Activities

We learn best when we learn through multiple channels. Our add-on activities bring a whole new set of dimensions to our science that allow your kids to dig deeper at the right level. These activities support their ongoing investigations through art, literature, history, writing, games and other short science projects.

Messy Science

Our labs are always hands-on. You might be digging in the mud, end up with paint covered hands or find yourself splashing by the tub – you will be learning science.

In Real Life

When the mess is all cleaned up, and you have great memories of saving wayward time travelers, we even have a page that let’s you know how to tie the science into everyday life. This helps your kids recognize how intertwined science is, and it let’s you point out pieces of the lab around you. This is one of my favorite STEM tools we provide, which lets you dive into the unit as much as your child!


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