Star Wars Motion Sensors: Father’s Day Fun

Create a small Arduino circuit to shock dad on Father’s day What you’ll learn: How to incorporate Arduino circuits into a Father’s day message. Key takeaways: There are two parts to building an Arduino circuit: the wiring and circuit components, and the programming. We have the ultimate Father’s day card …

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Soda bottle water rocket launcher

water rocket launcher with soda bottle rocket and fins

Make a cool summer sprinkler that involves blasting off! What you’ll learn: How rockets fly and engineering principles Key takeaways: Testing can help you determine what design parameters will lead to the best flights. Soda bottle rockets are a fun way to stave off the summer heat. Kids will get …

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Mother’s Day Projects

diy simple electronics circuits for kids mothers day tea cozy add middle

Ideas to make Mother’s day special with science based crafts Mother’s Day Projects that blend science and art. It’s time to celebrate Mom! We love projects that blend art and science together. Kids learn best when they are doing things they love and making connections between different subjects. Our Mother’s …

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DIY Laser Microscope for Kids

diy laser microscope using legos

Bring the microscopic world to life with just a laser and a syringe! What you’ll learn: How to make a DIY mini laser microscope for kids to look at water samples with. Key takeaways: You can use your laser microscope to look at water samples from around the house or …

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Science Fair Projects with Slime

magnetic slime field lines make a great slime science fair project

Who says slime can’t be used as a tool for scientific inquiry? Having trouble thinking up cool and creative slime science fair projects with your kids?  Science fair projects can easily turn into a massive tug of war with your kids – mainly you tugging them to get something done, …

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A DIY Light-up Fairy House

Brighten your fairy garden houses and learn circuits with simple LED lights

Learn how to make a simple LED circuit to brighten your fairy house What you’ll learn: How to make a simple LED circuit to light up a fairy lantern or DIY fairy house. Key takeaways: LEDs are one way streets and must be connected to the battery in the right …

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Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Science Activities

crazy aaron's thinking putty science and engineering projects

Science and engineering with your favorite fidgety toyCrazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty has taken the world by storm.Their thinking putty is one of the hottest toys around, with tons of different types, Aaron’s thinking putty has a little something for everyone.  Since my goal is to bring fun kids science to you, …

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Magnetic Slime Recipe

magnetic slime recipe for magnetic goo fun

What you’ll learn: What magnetic fields look like, and the chemistry of magnetic slime. Key takeaways: To see magnetic fields we need to trap small magnetic particles with a magnet in some type of fluid. Magnetic fields are really fun to play with. Kids love them as evidenced by their …

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