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Solar System Bracelet

Learn the Solar System By Creating the Solar System

  • checkLearn the planets through crafting
  • checkPromotes quality family time
  • checkBeads, clasps, line, and instructions included*
  • checkAdjustable to different sized wrists
  • checkFun kids solar system project
  • checkGreat for ages 3-15

*Pliers Not Included

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How it Works

  • Start with our solar system bracelet kit of beautiful beads, shiny clasps and in depth instructions.
  • ​Carefully and precisely place our solar system’s planets and space beads on the bracelet one by one.
  • Learn relative sizes, distances and planetary colors by hunting for the next planet bead and exploring the included fact sheet.
  • ​Correctly size the solar system bracelet with leftover space beads and attach the clasp to finish.
  • Admire and show off your winning solar system bracelet – you can repeat this as much as you want.

Solar system bracelet kit from Rosie Research shown in the original boxIt comes in a uber cute boxhow to make a solar system bracelet

Separate the planet beads and place them on carefully

Two kids craft their own DIY solar system bracelet from a Rosie Research solar system bracelet kit

Learn about our solar system as you go along

solar system bracelet gift for space and science people

Attach the final clasps to finish your solar system bracelet

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“My 12-year-old daughter and I made the solar system bracelet kit today and she loves it! It was a great STEM activity and I enjoyed reading the planetary facts provided.”

– Boston Tech Mom

Buy your solar system bracelet kit now for $12!

Free Shipping on orders over $15

Learn Through Crafting

By creating the solar system you learn the solar system. 

You learn that the inner planets are much closer together than the other planets. 

You experience the colors and shapes as you hunt for the next planet bead. 

And every time you spin it on your wrist you review your knowledge of the Solar System. 

Having fun in the solar system is as easy as making the solar system to wear!

The Genius Parent

We’ve included a list of instructions that doubles as a genius card for the parent who might not know all the answers.

The genius card will help you learn how to make a solar system bracelet on the back, and cool facts about each planet on the front.

Did you know the sun has over 99% of the solar system’s mass?

Or that Saturn has 53 moons?

Share these facts and more with your knowledge-hungry kids!

Our Mission: Learn Real Science, Do Fun Science

  • checkPromote Learning by Doing
  • checkCreate Learning with Fun
  • checkChange STEM Attitudes
  • checkHelp Parents and Educators Enjoy Science

“My son is sitting next to me creating the solar system bracelet and is loving the activity! I absolutely recommend the solar system bracelet kits”

– Bekki, A Better Way to Homeschool

Get Your Bracelet Kit

Free Shipping on orders over $15

Our Team

Dr. Erica

Founder | Developer of Fun Science

Dr. Erica applies her PhD in Molecular Biophysics to ignite a love science of science in her two girls. She knows if she can create something that captivates their imagination, and that Dad Tester Evan can understand, she has hit her mark.

The Girls

Science Explorers | Mess Makers

The Girls’ main job is to have fun. If they aren’t having fun, we know Dr. Erica has failed. Only when these little mess makers beg for more do we know a product is ready for release into the world. Everything we do is kid tested, by them, for them.

Dad Tester Evan

Layman Parent| Science Adventurer

Every good teaching unit needs a guinea pig, and dad tester Evan is there to make sure everything Dr. Erica creates is actually accessible to parents and teachers. Sometimes Dr. Erica gets ahead of herself, and Evan is there to reign her in.

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