Real Fun Science

Fun Science

Whether or not you enjoyed science as a kid, you have the chance to give your kids the ultimate learning experience. Learning by doing helps turn knowledge into wisdom, increases their vocabularies, and becomes a natural segway into practical math. Best of all, when you engage in fun science all of this happens in an open-ended, fun environment.Science is important. Real science helps us build bridges, slow climate change, even treat infectious diseases. Our science doesn’t ignore the real science just to make it fun. We create pretend mass spectrometers to date mummies, cook up edible blood to learn about the components, and run obstacle courses to learn how electrons act in circuits.

Real Science

egg drop challenge with a completed whole egg dropped off the observatory roof

Hands-on Learning

Studies from the University of Chicago show that learning through physical experiences help students understand concepts more deeply. This is because hands-on learning changes how kids process information tying in more parts of the brain into learning new concepts. This has the ultimate effect of students who are more engaged and test better.

Engaging students through a blend of science, technology, engineering, art, and math yields the ultimate learning experience. Putting knowledge into practice quickly finds and addresses weaknesses in student understanding, as well as providing a model for long-term learning – meaning your child won’t quickly forget the concepts at hand.

Engaged Learners

fall in love with science

Little Scientists

Is there anything better than seeing a child's eyes light up as they figure out the solution to a vexing problem? We make it fun, but hard, and the challenge is what keeps them coming back for more.

Real Experience

Engaging young students in science encourages them to think logically through their problem solving. Early childhood science truly helps in developing an inquisitive mind.

Motivated Learners

The best method of extending a child's boundaries of knowledge is to allow them to pursue their passion and for you to support their interests.

Increased Vocabularies

We don't just read words to read words, but to go to magic lands, learn history, and investigate mysteries. Kids learn language when they are engaged in authentic learning, like scientific inquiry.

Math Geniuses

Engaging students through a blend of science, technology, engineering, art, and math yields the ultimate learning experience. Concepts are grasped faster, easier and more completely

Empowered Learners

We know science can be hard to teach, but we've provided you the tools: activity sheets, in depth labs and step-by-step video instructions to make it as easy for you as it is fun for them.

Inspired Science!

"Solid research based science activities to inspire the next generation of scientists"

Chas M


Empower your little Scientists

It has never been easier to create meaningful science experiences in your home and classroom

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I love joining in!

"I can't believe how quickly my 7-year-old gobbled up all of the content in your activities. It has been great learning together and seeing the joy in her eyes.

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