Science Classes on Bainbridge Island

After-school science activities on Bainbridge Island

Good news! Dr. Erica now brings her science curriculum to kids on Bainbridge Island through after-school classes and camps.

That’s amazing because that means your Bainbridge kids now have access to a PhD scientist focusing on kid-designed science.

These science-infused classes on Bainbridge typically run 4 weeks per session and each month focuses on a new topic.

Dr. Erica currently runs classes and programs at the following public and private schools:

  • Ordway Elementary
  • Wilkes Elementary
  • Montessori Country School
  • Saint Cecilia’s Catholic School
  • Homeschool community at BARN.

It’s not just the schools, Dr. Erica also runs camps at the Battle Point Park Observatory.

Registration for our science camps and science classes is found on this page.  Click into your school to see what we are teaching and register asap.

Why ASAP? These after-school classes often sell out and we strongly believe in a first-come, first-serve policy. Not only that, because of the intensity of the material, class sizes remain capped at 12 students (with the possibility of increasing the class size depending on the waitlist). That means there’s not much wiggle room for an island filled with kids.

So register now!

Schedule of afterschool science classes

Schedule of science camps on Bainbridge Island.