Dinosaurs, fossils, and time travel!

We have spent the last two months on Mars, first launching ourselves there, and then imaging what we saw. This month we are going somewhere totally different…back in time. Or at least, Rosie and Watsie are.

I am developing a great fossilization lab that includes creating your own fossil dig site and recovering your fossil like a real paleontologist. Yes, that means fossil jackets, learning how to build grids, little hammers, and tons of fun!

I first thought about doing this lab as my littlest one has been die-hard dinosaur lately. We also live near a fossil beach, which means for our lucky souls we will get to go out and try to find some real ones. Don’t worry if you don’t live near a fossil beach though – we will be making our own imprints in the add-on activity bundle! What could be a better way to kick off a unit on dinosaurs than to eat a few of them ourselves?!? Nothing like a little TRex crunch as we learn about their geological history!