Bees learn the concept of zero

Scientists have taught many types of animals to count before. Some of those animals even understand the concept of zero, nothing, nada. Monkeys can understand Arabic numerals. Lions can understand the size of a group based on sound. And chickens can perform basic arithmetic. Up until now, however, all of our knowledge of …

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Peter Bierhorst Loves Random Numbers

peter bierhorst NIST quantum entanglement random number generation

Dr. Peter Bierhorst – The scientist who loves randomness Just a few months ago a mind-blowing article on random number generation was published in Nature. Researchers were able to generate random numbers using entangled photons, and then prove that the numbers were in fact random. This difficult task was spearheaded by Dr. Peter …

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Exploring the Deep Dark Sea

TO SAVE A HABITAT, WE MUST UNDERSTAND THE RESIDENTS OF THAT HABITAT. We know less about the mysterious part of the ocean known as the twilight zone than we do about the surface of the moon. Academy scientists are helping to change that by exploring this new frontier. – California …

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Learning Quantum Entanglement

quantum entanglement and random number generation for kids

From the National Institute of Standards and Technology to your home. Learn about cutting edge random number generators in this hands-on lab. What you’ll learn: How to entangle two magnets and recreate a quantum entangled system of random number generation. Key takeaways: Random numbers are difficult to create, but are …

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A 3D printed Cornea

For many, the ability to see is taken for granted. That ability to see relies on healthy eyes with healthy lenses. Our eyes contain two lenses, the cornea, and the lens. The cornea is, what some would call, the window to our souls. The cornea allows light to enter our eyes …

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The world’s coolest new species

Every year thousands of new species of animals, plants, bacteria, you name it are found. Nearly 18,000 a year, which is a lot if you consider how hard we are always searching, and yet year after year there are tens of thousands more to be put in the books.  To celebrate …

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Sensational Plants

Plants can sense, react, and act like an animal. When we are young we learn to classify objects. The first major classification is living vs. non-living. Then we classify all living things into one of the 6 kingdoms. We often think of these kingdoms as separate. Animals are far different …

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Exploding ants and toxic goo

3D printed cornea transplant Newcastle University

Ants are amazingly ruthless insects. Bullet ants sting so ferociously they are used as a gateway to manhood in some tribes. Crazy ants (that is literally what we call them) can spray acid on its foes. The bulldog ant, considered the most dangerous of all, can kill an adult human …

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Longest Straight Earth Bound Travel Paths

There are many extremes on Earth. From the coldest place to the highest place and beyond, as humans, we are always curious about such extremes. Recently a new extreme was confirmed by scientists, the longest straight line path you can take across the ocean. In the true spirit of citizen scientists, …

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