Can Orange Peels Save the Ocean from Mercury?

Mercury detection using orange peels and industrial waste

Some of the best discoveries were made by accident. Penicillin was discovered when a petri dish of bacteria was left out and uncovered long enough to grow mold. The mold, in turn killed surrounding bacterial colonies, and one of the most powerful antibacterial drugs was born. On another front, chocolate …

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Giant Spider Webs: Communal Spiders Live Large

A large communal spider web near Dallas TX

Thousands of Spiders Spinning Together. If you are even remotely scared of spiders be sure to side step Dallas. Thousands of spiders have come together to create an enormous communal spider web. By enormous, we mean nearly 300 feet long and 40 feet high. What is most odd about this finding …

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Evolution of Snakes: Lizards to Slitherers

This fossil of a four legged snake shows an evolutionary step from lizards to snakes

  This newly found fossil is causing quite a stir. Can you figure out why? Here’s a hint: It looks like a snake, and it is. Kind of. It is the evolutionary cousin to the snake, a mix between a snake and a lizard. A new fossil that is teaching …

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