Mini Makers: Tennis Ball Comets

DIY Make a comet with our mini comet model activity

What you’ll learn:What comets are, and what they are made of.Key takeaways:Comets have two tails, however, only one tail is visible. Jump to supply list Make a mini comet to play and learn about space.Our tennis ball comet STEM activity is a fun afternoon activity that leads to scientific discussions …

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Mini Makers: Lunar Landers

create a balloon powered moon lander in this mini maker

What you’ll learn:Landing on the moon is a difficult task, even if it is a printed moon in your living room.Key takeaways:It took thousands of people to land on the moon, and the physics and trajectory were vitally important. Did you enjoy the Craters of the Moon activity last week? I have …

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Mini Makers: Moon Craters in Clay

What you’ll learn:How the moon got it’s craters, and how different sized rocks can create different sized craters.Key takeaways:The moon has so many craters because of all the meteorites that hit its surface. Jump to supply list Let’s investigate our Moon! Look at any image of the Moon and one …

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Mini-Makers: CD Saturns

What you’ll learn:How to write your name in binary, ascii, format.Computers can only store information in a series of 0s and 1s.Key takeaways:Using only two digits, 0 and 1, we can write entire novels.  Jump to supply list Saturn is one of those planets that easily captures our hearts. It …

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Mini-Makers: SpinArt Saturns

What you’ll learn:Saturn has distinguishable rings in it’s systems.Key takeaways:Many planets have ring systems, and those rings are not necessarily smoothed out, but can be thin or thick. Jump to supply list Want to learn more about the rings of Saturn? This is a fun and educational STEM activity that is …

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