DIY Confetti Popper

diy confetti popper for kids

Create your own ‘fireworks’ in a preschool engineering challenge What you’ll learn:How forces can be applied, what poential and kinetic energy are.Key takeaways:Creating new contraptions can be fun! Jump to supply list Pop! It is always fun when you can shoot things around, and it is even more exciting if …

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DIY Laser Microscope for Kids

diy laser microscope using legos

Bring the microscopic world to life with just a laser and a syringe! What you’ll learn:How to make a DIY mini laser microscope for kids to look at water samples with.Key takeaways:You can use your laser microscope to look at water samples from around the house or outdoor spaces. Jump …

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Thomas Jefferson Science

800px-ThomasJeffersonStateRoomPortrait Thomas Jefferson and the plow

Create a DIY cipher wheel to celebrate Presidential scienceThomas Jefferson3rd President of the United States2nd Vice President of the United States1st Secretary of State for the United States Born: April 13th 1743Died: July 4th 1826 (83 years old)Contributions to science:“Nature intended me for the tranquil pursuits of science, by rendering them …

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Magnetic Slime Recipe

magnetic slime recipe for magnetic goo fun

What you’ll learn: What magnetic fields look like, and the chemistry of magnetic slime. Key takeaways: To see magnetic fields we need to trap small magnetic particles with a magnet in some type of fluid. Magnetic fields are really fun to play with. Kids love them as evidenced by their …

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Love in our Stars

love stories in our stars

What you’ll learn:How stories of love and loss have been written in our constellations.Key takeaways:A myth can be written by anyone, and anyone can create their own constellation.Valentine’s day is here, and we have a great night sky activity for you to enjoy as you delight in chocolates with your …

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DIY Magnetic Field Viewer

diy magnetic field viewer fun for kids

What you’ll learn:Magnets have magnetic fields that create forces. These fields can move other objects.Key takeaways:A magnetic metal, like iron, is attracted to a strong magnet. The magnetic field lines are where the forces of the magnet act. Supply list for our magnetic field viewer Jump to our favorite magnets …

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