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support kids science for homeschoolers

Are you ready to support kids science in a whole new way? Our home science experiment kits are the whole shebang.  We are making science at home easy and accessible. What do you have to do to get cool science projects in your home? Support kids science and Become a Patron Today! You …

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Edible Optics in the News!

edible optics homeschool

  Creating fun and interactive labs is our passion, and our Edible Optics lab for homeschool parents to do with their kids is nothing short of extraordinary. Funded in part by The Awesome Foundation, we have tested it in schools, libraries, and in the homes with homeschool parents, all of …

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Beginner Robots: Computer Fan Drawing Robot

Robotics at home! Beginning robotics projects can seem daunting when you are learning right along side your kids. Here at Rosie we recognize that beginner robots need to be fun, easy, and do cool things. That’s why we put together this home science project for you to follow along with. …

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Edible Optics: Jello Laser Projects for Kids

Jello Optics Laser Experiments for Kids

Light experiments for kids just got another great activity – edible optics.There are not many resources for teachers and parents when it comes to optics for kids, but this new edible optics STEM activity does a great job blending fun with college-level science. Our Jello optics lab has all of these …

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Family Holiday Science Projects

holiday science project for advent calendars

December is stock full of family traditions, add holiday science projects to your list this year! From Hanukkah, to Christmas and Kwanzaa, December is the perfect month to learn a new skill. Better yet, make learning a new skill part of your holiday traditions forever more! Bite-sized kids science projects …

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Thanksgiving Science Ideas

thanksgiving science with cranberries

We’ve got some great ideas on using some of your leftover ingredients to have some kid’s science fun all week long! From bending bones to lighting up potatoes we have some fun science projects that you can do to make Thanksgiving last as long as the turkey sandwiches.   Bending …

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Squishy Circuits for Electric Afternoons

squishy circuits fun science projects

Playdough circuits are the perfect preschool and grade school kids science project to introduce the wonderful world of electricity.Electric playdoh (or conductive playdoh) is also a great science fair project. We have squishy circuits lesson plans, as well as recipes below for conductive playdoh and insulating playdoh. To have fun with …

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Kids Science Experiments with Rosie

Rosie Research Science Stories

What makes Rosie Research Kids Science Experiments great? Intriguing Mysteries. Each Rosie Research lab comes with a fun short story. Our stories engage children to become science sleuths. From solving the mystery of what Rosie put in her drink one morning, to engineering ways to protect the International Space Station, a …

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Rosie, the Space Station and Micrometeorites

The ISS is getting bombarded with micrometeorites, and just last night one chipped a window. Rosie needs to form a plan to make sure no meteorites damage the space station. Can she save the astronauts? Let’s help Rosie find out. The Space Station and micrometeorites are hurtling in orbit together …

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