Paper Circuit Snowman

decorating a simple circuit project - paper circuit snowman featured

Jump to supply list Winter is here, and that means it is time to make some glorious holiday decorations to enjoy around the house. We recently make a cool 3D snowman decoration and now were adding to our list of snowman decorations with this simple circuit project. This simple paper circuit …

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Learning Quantum Entanglement

quantum entanglement and random number generation for kids

From the National Institute of Standards and Technology to your home. Learn about cutting edge random number generators in this hands-on lab. What you’ll learn:How to entangle two magnets and recreate a quantum entangled system of random number generation.Key takeaways:Random numbers are difficult to create, but are necessary to safegaurd …

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Father’s Day Science Crafts

fathers day crafts and gifts

Fun STEM based projects that will make dad smile Father’s Day Science Crafts for Kids​Make a small first aid or survival kitCreate a fishy Father’s day cardBuild a motion activated surpriseMake a spectacular dessert (or the best french fry dip ever)Let’s celebrate Dad with fun science crafts to make him …

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