Atomic Activities for Kids

Fun atomic activities in our upcoming Time Travelers lab takes= a fun and artful way to looking at forces and particle physics. Many people don’t quite know what particle physics is, so they scratch their heads when they hear paint covered marbles and particle physics in the same paragraph. How …

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Helping parents with science

helping parents with science

We know that parent’s attitudes towards science are directly linked to kid’s attitudes towards science. That’s why we are helping parents with science. We just added a new download for each lab to help parents relate the science to real life. For example, did you know the color of hydrangeas …

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Edible Optics in the News!

edible optics homeschool

  Creating fun and interactive labs is our passion, and our Edible Optics lab for homeschool parents to do with their kids is nothing short of extraordinary. Funded in part by The Awesome Foundation, we have tested it in schools, libraries, and in the homes with homeschool parents, all of …

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