Day camps and School Break Camps

We offer a variety of camps to keep your kids happy, and learning, throughout a variety of school breaks. From single day winter break camps that allow you to schedule the days that work for you, to week long summer camps to let your kids dive deep into learning, we have fun (and science) at the top of our list. 

Some of our camps are run through the Bainbridge Island Parks and Recreation Department, while others are run privately through Dr. Erica. Almost all of our camps, unless otherwise indicated, are held at the Battle Point Observatory at Battle Point Park on Bainbridge Island.

decorating a simple circuit project - paper circuit snowman featured

Winter break day camps

12/17-12/21 Register by the day | 9:00-12:00
Each day has a new focus, from making fake snow, to wiring up LED ornaments, each day will be filled with magical science.

Luke Skywalker Lightsaber for kids

Conference Day Camps

1/30-2/31 Register by the day | 9:00-12:00
Each day has a new focus, from making BB8 and light sabers towiring airplane launchers, it is sure to delight.

Mid-winter break camp: Circuits

2/18-2/21 | 9:00-1:00
​Discover the world of paper circuits as we create fun light up projects!

leprechaun trap camp

Leprechaun Trap Camp

3/16 S | 1:00-3:00
Join Dr. Erica at the Battle Point Observatory to create an elaborate Leprechaun trap to take home and hopefully capture some magical creatures.

Spring break camp: Mission to Mars

4/1-4/4 | 9:00-1:00
Join us on our incredibly popular Mission to Mars. Campers will blast off, land, and rove around the red planet