Day camps and School Break Camps

Raising tadpoles science project
Raising tadpoles science project

Day Camps: Check out our 2019-2020 schedule!

We offer a variety of camps to keep your kids happy, and learning, throughout a variety of school breaks. From single day winter break camps that allow you to schedule the days that work for you, to week long summer camps to let your kids dive deep into learning, we have fun (and science) at the top of our list. All of our camps, unless otherwise indicated, are held at the Battle Point Observatory at Battle Point Park on Bainbridge Island. 

Summer Camps

Our 2020 Summer of Science is open for registration!

Summer is a time for play. If you have a child that loves to build, investigate, explore, and create, we have a variety of fun summer camp sessions that will keep their hearts and brains alive during the long school break. 

To offer maximum flexibility we are offering flexible days for all of our sessions. Campers can attend the full day, from 9am-4pm which includes enrollment in our themed camp of the week as well as our themed free building makerspace afternoon. In addition, you can sign your child up for just the morning themed camp (9am-1pm).

2020 Science summer camp fees

Full Day (9am-4pm): $385 | save 10% with our Early Bird coupon until March 31st*Themed camp (9am-1pm): $260 | save 10% with our Early Bird coupon until March 31st*

*Note: Harry Potter and Star Wars camps include an additional $10 fee for take home projects that will include programmable microchips.

2020 Summer Camp Themes

Lightsaber Star Wars STEM camp Bainbridge island
Lightsaber Star Wars STEM camp Bainbridge island

Robot Inventors

Learn circuit basics as we wire up lots of take home projects. Then expand your learning to basic programming with the use of tiny Ozobots!Skill Development: Fine motor skills, circuit basics, growth mindset

pinhole camera summer camp on bainbridge island
pinhole camera summer camp on bainbridge island

Harry Potter

​​Bring a little magic of the Harry Potter world to your child in thie captivating camp. We will wire up a sorting hat, create howlers, roll up secret revealing UV wands, and more!Skill Development: Intermediate circuits, find motor skills, art, and design

Student draws an idea for the air pollution engineering challenge on a whiteboard
ozobot codes programming
ozobot codes programming

Engineering Challenges

Embark on engineering challenges and test you grit as you develop outside-the-box thinking and learn new building skills.Skill Development: Logical thinking, sequential reasoning, engineering design process, growth mindset

summer camps on bainbridge island

Mission to Mars

​Discover how scientists learn about Mars through our Rover programs as we celebrate the upcoming Mars 2020 launch – which has a launching window ofr July 17th-August 5th!Skill Development: Growth mindset, fine motor skills, engineering design process

kids engineering recycled box cars
kids engineering recycled box cars

Hero Science

​​​Embark on heroic science that will be used by real scientists! In our week of citizen science we will contribute to real science studies through a variety of SciStarter programs.Skill Development: Observation, growth mindset, logical reasoning, experimentation processes

Star Wars

​​​​Find your Force as we explore the various worlds of Star Wars. Can you launch a missile to take out the Death Star? Will your lightsaber take after the Jedi order or their Sith counterparts? You decide!Skill Development: Intermediate circuit building, growth mindset, engineering design process