Cabbage Chemistry for Homeschoolers

Purple Cabbage as a pH indicator.

What is Cabbage Indicator Chemistry?

Cabbage, and many other edible foods that are blue or purple act as natural pH indicators. We often use purple cabbage in chemistry labs looking at natural pH indicators because it goes through the most colors, but another popular natural pH indicator is beetroot. You can see our comparison between purple cabbage and beetroot as pH indicators.

Why do some foods act as pH indicators?

Some foods act as natural pH indicators because they contain a molecule called anthocyanin. Anthocyanin changes its structure depending on the acidity of the solution it is in. You can see the changes that anthocyanin goes through as the pH of a solution changes.

Worried about doing the lab with your kids? Check out my parent-teacher video below!Seriously, this lab is so much fun, I would hate for anyone to miss out on it because they thought it would be hard! I will walk you through the whole lab, talk about what to expect, ways to help your kids become scientists, and bring it into your home in an easy to understand way! You can also check out our post explaining what a pH indicator is.

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