Bubble engineering – exploring the chemistry and science of big awesome perfect bubbles

Hello lovely science families!I hope you’re ready to sculpt some amazing bubbles and learn all about how to make the BEST bubbles possible!

Today we’re learning all about perfect bubbles!

How are bubbles made? How do you make the best solution? Can you design a wand for better shapes? We’re going to sculpt our own little bubble wands and it’ll be lovely to see what your kiddos come up with. I’d recommend testing the bubble wands outside :)We can’t wait to see you there!

Parent Takeaway for this activity

I think everyone can agree bubbles are amazing, but this activity helps kids look at the chemical interactions between oil and syrup, understand that ratios of ingredients matter and that geometry can play a big role in bubble outcome. Not only is this experiment fun, but it can extend way into the afternoon or next day. Plus you’ll learn how to make bubble solution!

Yesterday – Awesome Bridges

We built bridges and it was a such a blast! We had a couple kids send us pictures and one showed their bridge holding 13 lbs of dumbbells! How amazing is that! If you missed this activity, it’s a good one to add to your playlist. https://youtu.be/SG4yCMU6YcU

Tomorrow – Shipbuilding

We will engineer a put put boat. How many parts do you think we’ll need to make a boat move through the water?

Tuesday: Engineering Bubbles (Geometry/Chemistry/Engineering)

Activity: Build 3 dimensional bubble wandsDiscover the world of geometry as we engineer 3D bubble wands to create amazing shapes.


  • Printouts (optional)
  • Bucket (for bubble solution)
  • Liquid dish soap (Dawn works best, but we always use generic)
  • Corn syrup (optional, but it helps make your bubbles AMAZING)
  • Straws or flexible wire (like coat hangers or garden wire)
  • Tape
  • Pipe cleaners (optional – helps the creation be easier for little hands)