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butterfly life cycle bracelet kit

Learn the butterfly life cycle

beaded plant cycle bracelet kit

Plant a seed and grow a pumpkin

beaded water cycle bracelet kit

Learn about the water cycle through play

Create the solar system with beads

  • checkLearn through crafting
  • checkPromotes quality family time
  • checkBeads, clasps, line, and instructions included*
  • checkAdjustable to different sized wrists
  • checkFun kids science project
  • checkGreat for ages 3-15

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How it Works

  • Start with our kit of beautiful beads, shiny clasps and in depth instructions.
  • Carefully place each bead representing a step in the science cycle on the bracelet
  • Learn the cycle order and cool facts for each step by hunting for the next planet bead and exploring the included fact sheet.
  • ​Correctly size the science bracelet with leftover beads and attach the clasp to finish.
  • Admire and show off your awesome bracelet – you can repeat this as much as you want.

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The Genius Parent

We’ve included a list of instructions that doubles as a genius card for the parent who might not know all the answers.

The genius card will help you learn how to make a solar system bracelet on the back, and cool facts about each planet on the front.

Did you know the sun has over 99% of the solar system’s mass?

Or that Saturn has 53 moons?

Share these facts and more with your knowledge-hungry kids!

Our Mission: Learn Real Science, Do Fun Science

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