Saturn’s Moon: Cassini Close Up

Saturn's moon as seen by Cassini

Cassini has flown by Venus, Earth, Jupiter and Saturn and is now taking aim at Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Launched in 1997, Cassini has been orbiting Saturn since 2004 giving us images of our outer solar system. Saturn’s Moon gets a Glamour Shot Images from Cassini have just been released of …

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Squishy Circuits for Electric Afternoons

squishy circuits fun science projects

Playdough circuits are the perfect preschool and grade school kids science project to introduce the wonderful world of electricity.Electric playdoh (or conductive playdoh) is also a great science fair project. We have squishy circuits lesson plans, as well as recipes below for conductive playdoh and insulating playdoh. To have fun with …

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Comet Lovejoy: Sugar and…Alcohol

Researches have long wondered where organic molecules, the building blocks of life on Earth, have come from. We have known that radiation bombarded star dust creates organic molecules in space, but wht of some oft he more complex organic molecules? A team from Nasa just noticed that Comet Lovejoy was giving …

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Giant Baby Squid off Japan’s Coast

Giant baby Squid mantle_width_wikicommons

Our knowledge of giant squid is sparse, partially because these giant animals live deep in the oceans and rarely come anywhere near the depths of fishermen. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that anyone was able to get footage of the giant squid in its ocean habitat.  Giant squids really …

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Can Orange Peels Save the Ocean from Mercury?

Mercury detection using orange peels and industrial waste

Some of the best discoveries were made by accident. Penicillin was discovered when a petri dish of bacteria was left out and uncovered long enough to grow mold. The mold, in turn killed surrounding bacterial colonies, and one of the most powerful antibacterial drugs was born. On another front, chocolate …

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Kids Science Experiments with Rosie

Rosie Research Science Stories

What makes Rosie Research Kids Science Experiments great? Intriguing Mysteries. Each Rosie Research lab comes with a fun short story. Our stories engage children to become science sleuths. From solving the mystery of what Rosie put in her drink one morning, to engineering ways to protect the International Space Station, a …

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Rosie, the Space Station and Micrometeorites

The ISS is getting bombarded with micrometeorites, and just last night one chipped a window. Rosie needs to form a plan to make sure no meteorites damage the space station. Can she save the astronauts? Let’s help Rosie find out. The Space Station and micrometeorites are hurtling in orbit together …

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Math and Memory: Defining our Brains with Math

Math and memory: defining memory pathways with new math theory

Every day we access our sequential memory. Simple tasks such as remembering a phone number use it. So does recalling how events unfolded one night fifteen years ago. Understanding how our sequential memory works could help us understand a variety of mental illnesses. Illnesses such as ADD, bipolar and OCD. …

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