After School Programs on Bainbridge Island

Finding the right after school programs can feel like finding your way through a maze.

What after school programs will your kids’ love? What after school programs work with your schedule? And what after school programs will help your kids grow?

We can’t speak for the tons of other after school programs on Bainbridge Island, but we can give you an idea of what our programs, run by Dr. Erica, are like.

What to expect in Dr. Erica’s science classes on Bainbridge Island:

  • Fun hands-on projects
  • Growth mindset focus
  • Creative learning processes
  • Integration of arts and science (becoming a Maker)
  • Real scientific concepts that kids will encounter later in school

after school science programs on bainbridge island

A layout of Dr. Erica’s after school programs:

While we have many types of after school classes like lights and lasers, engineering challenges, zombie robots, mummies, alien invasions, and more, all of our programs follow the same overall structure. To learn the specifics about a class, please visit our current class offerings page.

Dr. Erica’s after school programs on Bainbridge Island start out with creative time. While we wait for everyone to arrive students have the option to build, draw, create, and play. During this time students are invited to enjoy a snack if they desire. Since students have been in school all day, we always have a 20-30 minute recess following our creative time. This allows students to get their energy out and prepares them to engage with our upcoming projects.

This means that students traveling from another BISD school can often attend all our after school offerings and not miss the nuts and bolts of the project or program at hand.

After we regroup from recess students will earn about the days’ project, gather their supplies, and begin their hands-on fun. These projects are diverse and create a time for students to try, and fail, at creating, learning, and doing. Through this process, Dr. Erica helps students analyze mishaps in their process and guide them to a completed goal.

Ten minutes before each afterschool program ends we spend time cleaning up the room, with any additional time spent at the ‘free’ table of art, crafts, games, and more.

What about non-BISD students?

The programs we offer through Bainbridge Island Parks and Recreation are tailored to BISD schools, similar to the tailoring of our Wednesday classes to North Kitsap School District through Poulsbo Parks and Recreation. The timing of these programs runs directly after school, at the school, eliminating the need for chauffeuring students from one activity to another. 

We partner with various private schools on the island like the Island School, Montessori Country School, and St. Cecilia’s to offer our after school programs in their schools on their time schedule as well.

Don’t see your school listed? We are always looking for new partnerships. If you think students at your school could fill a class we would love to try and find a day and time to begin offering our services at your school. Email for more information.