• Anatomy of a Rosie Mystery

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The best science starts with the best stories.

At Rosie Research we are changing the way we do science. All of our labs draw kids and parents alike in through mystery. Problem solving, engineering, inquiry based science and hands on fun are the only way to help Rose navigate her world – and learning science has never been more exciting.

Worksheet based science = unengaged learners

Engaging stories and whimsical drawings can develop all types of learners into critical thinking scientists. Say goodbye to boring worksheets and tears when science comes up.

Lovable Characters

Rosie is always on a new adventure, and always using science to save the day. She encounters all sorts of fun characters, from Timmy Time who visits from the 1960s, to Resal who tries to focus an image on the moon, our characters are silly, colorful and fun. Your kids will love the adventures that each lab takes them on and wonder what Rosie is up to next!

Building Skills

Not every kid loves science. We get that. We would love to change it, but we know that not every kid wants to build robots before they crawl. Our stories, with their characters, color and drawings, bring kids of all intelligences in. If they are linguistic, visual, kinestheic or intrapersonal but not logical – we have hooks everywhere to string them in and enjoy learning science. Over time, this builds the skills and confidence in your child to succeed in difficult areas.

Whimsical Drawings

There is no better way to bring stories to life and hook kids in than with illustrations. We work hard to draw entertaining pieces of each story which helps involve kids in the reading, and engage them with the scientific mystery at hand.


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