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A new kind of science

What makes our labs unique? We recognize that every kid (and adult) is different. That means they get excited about different things. Some kids might be terrific readers, while others are really into art. Some kids might naturally lean towards math and science. Our goal is to hook everyone onto science. Even you.

Multiple Intelligences Hooked on Science

We make our labs to interest kids on all different levels. Each lab opens with a mystery that includes whimsical hand drawn images. This story and images draw kids in. They immediately start thinking of ways to solve the problem and jump that the chance to get their hands dirty.

The lab books continue with fun drawings and well thought out tables, questions and activities that lead them through the science as they help Rosie save the day. We also use as much pictorial instructions as possible to help kids that are struggling on the reading front. Basically, we are taking away all the barriers that kids encounter when learning science to just let them have fun and learn.

A new perspective

It isn’t just the lab books that are unique. It’s the ideas. We can teach kids about buoyancy by making charts of what sinks and what floats, or build boats. And we do all that. But we do it with pirates, and treasure, and the potential of walked planks.

Which sounds more fun to you?

Filling out a worksheet? Or designing a pirate ship that will transport more treasure across the Atlantic, survive the Sea Krakcen and sail through storms? I’m sure your kids have an idea on which sounds like more fun!

We learn about forces and particle physics by firing paint covered marbles under a broken time machine. We investigateĀ optics and lasers by saving the world from the Asteroid of Doom. And why not take a dip into chemistry as we discover how Rosie’s morning smoothie changed colors.

Fun for everyone.

We create tons of add on activities for each lab that are leveled. This allows younger and older kids to have fun doing the projects together learning the core science, and then digging deeper at age appropriate levels. Just think of all the fun around the dinner table when your 1st and 4th grader get to dig into science together!

Our add on activities are made to pique the interest of all learners as well. We might lookup myths and write our own as we study constellations after building a homemade telescope. We could gather around the kitchen and whip up a recipe of constellation cookies, or maybe make 3d constellations to help see the massive distances in the universe around us. In fact, it all might be so much fun that you find yourself in there, sleeves rolled up, hair pulled back, ready to jump on in.


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