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We believe in a multifaceted learning approach. That means incorporating your childs interests into our science labs. It means learning buoyancy while diving in the world of pirates, optics while saving the world from asteroids, discovering forces while using paint and marbles to find hidden shapes.


Everyday applications

We give you great ideas on how to tie the science into everyday life. Hydrangeas will never look the same after you discover our color changing juice mystery. Did you know that roller coasters use stabilization information gained from telescopes? Or that we owe the internet to particle physics? We show you how to tie in the science to the world around you, so that at every corner there is a new conversation to have about…you guessed it…science.

Creating Conversations

We make it easy to carry on conversations and dig deeper when your kids are engaged. Our YouTube videos will prepare you, and our stories will hook them. With tons of add on activities and ideas on how to incorporate other studies our units are well rounded and perfect for quenching the thirst for knowledge they have!

Inviting Exploration

We develop our interests and strengths through exploration. Giving kids projects with freedom and exploration allows them to find their passions and enjoy the process of learning. Our labs and activities have open ended questions. We don’t want a specific answer, or even a specific order. We want them to open up the kitchen cabinets and test everything they can find in our Color Changing Juice mystery. We give your kids the freedom to learn at their own pace.

Parents and Kids, Together

There is nothing more powerful in your kids educational experience than having fun and learning with their parents. We recognize that science may not have been your favorite subject – that’s why we planned for that. We made YouTube videos going through each lab and many of our add-ons, which means you can be prepared. All you have to do then, is fake it till you make it – because your attitudes toward science will directly impact theirs, and the best gift you can give your kids is joining them in their passions, not because of your love for it, but because of theirs.


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