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What is Patreon?

It’s a place where patrons (you!) come to support projects they care about (us!). Patreon is a place for me to create, publish, teach, experience and enjoy science…with you!

My Patreon page is constantly growing as I add new videos and resources for the labs I’m creating, tutorials of science techniques and more. My goal is to welcome you into my home and take you on a fun adventure of mystery, science, and exploration.

There are many levels that you can support us at, with our most popular level being just $10 per Rosie lab I come out with. That’s $10 for a beautifully crafted mystery, a thoughtfully designed lab book, parent teacher videos, add on activities to help you scale the subjects to your child’s level, ties to the real world and our sourcing if we needed anything special! For the price of two lattes you can have many afternoons of jaw dropping, begging for more, science projects.

We also have levels that include a Q&A for the month’s lab, hand drawn art, or even being put into the labs as a character!

Thank you for visiting my page, and thank you SO MUCH to all of my patrons! I am giddy with the idea of putting the gears into action and changing the face of science education!!

SCIENCE SUPPORTER Join me for a monthly Q&A video session the month after each lab is released that let’s you ask any questions pertaining to the lab, the story, the meaning of life, issues you are having engaging your kids, suggestions for future labs and more.
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HANDS ON SCIENTIST Get PDF downloads of our finished labs every month! That’s right, you will have the ability to print the labs we create, find our well researched sourcing for supplies, roll up your sleeves, get down and dirty.
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SCIENCE SUPERHERO The level has all the fun of our labs and all the support of our videos and guides for teachers. You will also receive hand drawn art that relates to the lab of the month. Whether it is Rosie sky-watching or pirates invading you will have a wonderful piece of art to display!
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  • “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”

    ― Albert Einstein, The World As I See It

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Fun and Science go hand in hand

I think we should change the way we experience science with our kids.

I believe we can have all those wondrous ” WOW” moments, whether we are 5 years old or 45 years old. My quest is to bring you high quality labs you can do with your kids at home.

I joined Patreon to help connect with you. More importantly, I joined to see if saving the world from an asteroid of doom, or solving the mystery of a color changing drink with your kids was your cup of tea. If it is, then I would love to be in a position that I can work on creating jaw dropping fun in your home laboratory full time.

  • Science does not know its debt to imagination.

    <h4=”text-align: center;”>~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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My Dream

Exploring with kidsI want both of my daughters to think that science is fun. Not only that, I want them to know that the world of science is open to them.

I don’t want them to walk into their future science classes and be turned off because it is “too hard” or “too boring”. I want them to feel confident picking up a screw driver to build the robot of their dreams. I want them to jump at the opportunity to wire up a spaceship and blast off to Mars.

I want them to have no boundaries. No second thoughts because they are girls.

When I was thinking about this, I realized that I want this for you too. I want your sons and daughters to experience science in a way that makes them love it. In a way that makes them eager to ask what’s next and sit down for hours on end to test the pH of common household ingredients.

I want them to jump up and down yelling at the top of their lungs that they did it, that they used lenses and lasers to defeat the asteroid of doom. I want them to beg you day after day for another lab, for another chance to delve into the world of mystery.

Science has been the foundation of my life, and I want it to be the foundation of my girls lives as well. It opens up more doors than any other field in the world, and I want to be able to open up those doors for your kids as well. I want to give everyone, including homeschool and unschool families, the tools to love science.

 “Can I just send my kids over to your house for the summer?”

I have a lot of friends who either want to move in, or have their kids come over for a summer science camp. While I can’t have all of you over, I hope that my fun and engaging videos, easy materials sourcing and creative workbooks make it incredibly easy for it to feel like you are right next to my side, getting messy, having fun, and learning science.

I often hear “when are you going to create more labs?” And boy would I love to be making fun new labs left and right. Well, with Patreon I am hoping to be able to do just that. I am hoping to have the time to write more mysteries, design more gorgeous lab books, record more explanatory videos and put together more teacher lesson plans. You can see the lab books and videos first hand to make sure they are a good fit for you and your kids!

What you are supporting

  • Lab creation. It takes a long time to create these labs. Each lab has a mystery to pull kids in, iconic instructions, graphically designed lab books, parent/teacher guides, and more. I am trying to make this the perfect package for homeschool parents. It’s for people who want to sit back and rock out a fun science lab at home, and schools looking for science education ideas alike. Just the lab books take about 40 hours to create, not to mention the testing, videos and media output. Most of your funds will go to my time and the opportunity to make this happen.
  • NGSS Lesson Plans. Science at home is awesome. Science in school is also awesome. Unfortunately, with the new Next Gen Science Standards teachers are left with sub par, boring and unengaging labs. Some schools can pay for good content, others…well other’s can’t. Our hope is to get some of our programs into inner city schools free of charge to them. The first step in that is creating NGSS lesson plans.
  • Conferences. We hope to change the face of science education, and the best way to do that is to go out into the world and show people how truly fun science can be. We hope to grow our business by attending and speaking at educational conferences!
  • Web development. Right now we have a bunch of fabulous labs ready to be unleashed on the world. We have yet to optimize that because, well, two kids, our own business, volunteering and life slow things down.

Please support me

If you become a $10 patron, you will get all my super cool, incredibly engaging and mysterious labs before anyone else in the entire world. We have fabulous options for support, a little something to fit in anyone’s budget. From $1 to get all our emails, $10 to get labs, and even higher levels that let you become a character in our mysteries or receive a hand drawn thank you card pertaining to that month’s lab.

I am hoping to create  one lab per month, and by subscribing to my Patreon you won’t miss a thing!

Let’s create some awesome labs. Join me today!

A bit about us:

We are Dr. Erica Sericaevanaint Clair and Evan Saint Clair, an awesome duo who met way back in the high school years. While I, Dr. Erica, was in grad school for my PhD in physics we started up our own business, one that makes  customized workout journals for gyms and individuals. That journal business has allowed us to play the role of stay at home parents and full time workers for the past five years.

My love for science stepped aside while I worked hard to raise two awesome daughters. Now that my older daughter is getting jazzed up for science, I have taken on a lot more than just stay at home mom, full time employee and entrepreneur. I have started up a  local kids astronomy club, volunteered in my daughter’s STEM class, and created science lessons like edible optics that are going to be in local schools.

I really want to do the cool fun science stuff full time. But the journals pay the bills. That’s where you come in. With your support (and 80 hour work weeks) we can make this happen. We can change the face of science education. We can change attitudes towards science in general. And we can inspire the next generation.