Plant Cycle Bracelet Kit


Make your own plant cycle bracelet with this fun and creative kit! Each kit comes with a small seed, sun, water, sprout, flowering plant, pumpkin, fishing line, clasps, and crimps. Rosie will walk you through making the bracelet with whimsical drawings, instructions, and a cheat sheet to help you explain the cycle to your kids!

This is the perfect bracelet kit for anyone looking for an afternoon science activity or as gifts for nerdy friends!



Learn science by doing science. Our creative bracelet kits help teach science through crafting and create memorable one-on-one time with kids. Our plant cycle bracelet kit is a great way to introduce the life cycle of small plants, from a seed to a pumpkin.  Kids will love learning about the role water plays in germination as they thread on beads! Each kit includes beautiful beads that represent each component of the plant cycle, from a seed to sun and rain, a tiny sprout, a flowering plant, and finally a pumpkin! It takes about 30 minutes to put your plant cycle bracelet together and all you need is a pair of pliers!


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