BPAstroKIDS: Asteroid Death Smash | October 14th

Create an asteroid and dig up fossils


  1. Make an asteroid
  2. Dig and date fossils

Event Details

Date: Saturday, October 14th
Times: 4-5pm and 5-6pm
Ages: All ages welcome, suitable for PreK-Grade 6 with parent involvement
Cost: Free. Suggested $5 donations help cover supplies
Location: 11299 Arrow Point Dr NE (Turn in by the soccer fields)  |  Get event reminders!

Upcoming Events

Death Smash
October 14th

Make an asteroid to kill off the dinosaurs, then excavate fossil remains or make your own fossils!

Rover Engineering
November 11th

Learn about the 2020 rover mission and make your own!

LED Cards
December 9th

Create light up holiday cards!

January 13th


Past Events

Solar Power
Sept 9th

Create your own solar powered pinwheel as we learn what the Sun is capable of!

The Great American Solar Eclipse
Aug 12th

Learn about the historic event hitting the PNW on Aug 21st!

Stellar DNA
July 8th

Findo ut what our Sun is made of as well look at burning hot gasses!

Star Pilot
June 10th

Learn how we navigate using the night sky and create a take home sextant!
Activity Download

3-2-1 Blast Off!
May 13th

Discover the life cycle of stars from the Milky Way and beyond!
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The Lives of Stars
April 8th

Discover the life cycle of stars from the Milky Way and beyond!

Gravity! The ultimate downer
February 11th

Recreate the solar system, investigate dropping balls and build a pendulum!

Remote Control Mars
January 14th

Learn how to program Martian rovers as we navigate ourselves into Victoria's crater!
Activity download

Stellar DNA 
December 10th

Create and decorate your very own take home spectrometer to investigate everything from hydrogen emission lines to the spectrum of light bulbs at home!

Craters of the Moon 
November 12th

Ever wonder just what made all those craters on the moon? Create your own cratered moon while you see the science in action.
Activity download

Saturn's Rings
October 8th

Join us for an evening of fun activities as we journey through Saturn's rings and make our very own models to take home!
Spinart Saturn Download | CD Saturn download

September 10th

Learn about what comets are made of, touch a comet, and make your own to take home!
Tennis Ball Comet Download | Dry Ice Comet Download

Our Solar System
July 9th

Discover and create your own solar systems with scale replicas, then discover our Planet 9!

Birthday Bash
June 11th

Revisit many of our fun activities, from CD sundials to take home telescopes!

Exploring Exoplanets
May 11th

Create your own planets and then test out different star systems to find out which system your planet could support life in!

Star Party!
April 9th

Learn about Observatories, create telescopes and look up at the "night sky"

The Particle Jungle
March 12th

Explore the world of dark matter and particle physics as we discover hidden shapes like CERN researchers!

Bristle Bots!
February 13th

Create and paint with homemade bristle bots!

Serious Sundials
January 9th

Discover how we learned to tell time thousands of years ago, then make your own CD sundial to take home!
Activity Download

Star Wars Science
December 12th

Make your own edible light saber with Jello and lasers, then test your Jedi skills!

November 14th

How are stars created? Discover nebulae as we make our own clouds, and paint our own shirts!

October 10th

Discover how different sized rocks changes crater shape and the distance of projectiles! 

September 12th

With the recent fly by, Pluto has our hearts. Find out how we discover planets and see how many you can find with our bouncy ball sky!
Activity Download

August 9th

Learn the mythology behind our constellations and make your own constellation set to take home and use with a flashlight!
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